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October 23, 2013


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I too enjoyed this very good production of an interesting, not great but certainly worthwhile play in its production. My only reservation is that some of the dialect was so “Irish” that it was hard for me to understand all of it. This may be more my fault than that of the actors. Another point that I found a little disquieting was the last scene. This really was somewhat overwrought and perhaps could have been better staged and have them laying on the bare stage.

Yes about that very last scene! I didn't mention it above but I found that very last scene with the two of them hit a false note -- and I think it may not be the way O'Casey ended the play. I believe his intended ending was more suspenseful and ironic. It was not the strongest part of the show by a long shot. Thanks for writing, and bring up that point. Yvonne

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