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May 22, 2013


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I very very much appreciate the things you've said about our show. Thank you so much. I'm wondering if you could correct the spelling of my name. Not only was it incorrect in the playbill, it is incorrect here as well (But how could you know that when the playbill wasn't even correct!) Its "Tefft". Although I've contemplated changing it, for this very reason that its too difficult!
Once again- Thanks so much. I will be sharing your kind words.

We went with comp tickets and were disappointed with this production. A couple of the songs were good , but really Mr Dick over does it with his style of music . He is ostentatious and overly wordy , trying to seem grand. Some actors were ok, but for the most part they either underacted or overacted, and with the exception of a couple decent singing voices the cast was just so so .

As I read your comments, even though what each of us wrote has a different overall tone, i.e., I liked it and you didn't, I think we don't so much as disagree about the different factors as responded to and talked about different aspects of the show. In writing, I focused more on the way the story was told which is what impressed me the most, and that I did enjoy a lot. Also since there were two performers, playing Rodolphe and Homais, that I thought were truly good, I brought that out. So if you think about it, there's a lot of common ground between our views, but also a big difference -- a difference that matters a lot! The "postives" I responded to carried me through the show with a lot of interest and enjoyment, while the show didn't work for you. Thanks for writing your views in a welcome, straightforward way. Your comment adds a lot and will be helpful.

This iteration of Madame Bovary told the story – the music, signing and acting all worked together. An ambitious project handled well by, in the main, a young but talented cast. If do not want to read the novel or can not read it in its original French then this production will more than suffice.

Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier (Typepad mistakenly put it in a "spam comments" folder tho' there was nothing about it to suggest spam). I've made the correction. I thought you were outstanding -- I didn't take my own photos but used the ones made available to me -- I wish there'd have been one of you among them! Thanks for writing and best of luck -- I'd love to know the next show you're in. Yvonne

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