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April 22, 2013


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference This Side of Neverland, Rosalind and The Twelve Pound Look , two one-act plays by J. M. Barrie, directed by J. R. Sullivan, The Pearl Theatre Company:


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What a wonderful review! This was really a most enjoyable evening of theater. Your descriptions and insight, especially the ending about the significance of the curtain only added to my pleasure. I do hope that they will fill the house every night and matinee and hopefully continue the run. Thank you, Pearl Theater for another unforgettable evening.

Agreed -- much fun and enjoyment! Thanks for writing, Yvonne

Both terrific plays -- too bad you spoiled the surprises in both of them. I'm so glad I saw the plays before reading your reviews.

I'm always very careful not to reveal how plays are resolved. In response to your comment, however, I re-read what I wrote, and I don't think that if you had read my reviews first, the surprise would have been spoiled. My feeling is that, after seeing the plays, you recognized more in what I wrote than you would have if you'd read my review before seeing them and, I think, that's why you feel I would have "spoiled the surprise." Still, I will continue to be very careful about "not revealing the surprise", and will keep your comment well in mind. I appreciate your writing. Thanks, Yvonne

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