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April 02, 2013


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What a thoughtful and excellent review of this so very important exhibition. I too was disappointed that many of the iconic photos of the war were not exhibited. The small portraits, yes, are important, but so many of them really diluted their meaning and purpose. Having said this, I recommend the show to be seen by all. The omissions will be noted by those who are knowledgeable, to those who are new to this, it will be a very moving, inspiring, and in the most profound way an appreciation of the horrors of warfare. One of the highlights of the exhibition was the early photos of Lincoln. How the burden of war changed this man.

I know what you mean when you say that "the omissions will be noted by those who are knowledgeable" and less so for others but still ... better is better for everybody, including those who may know less going in to the exhibit so ... I wish it was better! But still, as said, there's a lot to see and think about. Yvonne

Congratulations glad it went so well.

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