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February 06, 2013


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Your observations are very perceptive and touch upon many of the aspects of this very interesting one-act play. What I found so very satisfying were the various dialogs and monologues of the players. One of the most exceptional, amongst many, is the scene between the woman and the store owner when the woman metamorphosis from a withdrawn almost semi catatonic state into a highly explosive verbal description of three agonizing years of the death of her husband. The playwright has a wonderful command of language and the actors really fulfill his promise. I too am looking forward to major works from this playwright and hope to see these performers again. The play does have an interesting ending, but please go and see this for yourself.

As I watched this play and listened carefully to the excellent monologues and dialogues I was strongly reminded of Beckett. This playwright was not only refreshing, but also may have the talent to create works which will be on the same level of intensity as those of Beckett.

I see what you mean about Beckett. Interesting ...
Thanks! Yvonne

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