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May 05, 2011


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference ART EXHIBITION - Anthony Caro on the Roof, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 26, 2011 - October 30, 2011, weather permitting:


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Thank you so much for your very insightful analysis of these sculptures. This really adds to the pleasure of seeing them and how they are in the grand tradition of Art. Also appreciated your judicious use of the hyperlinks.

I'm really glad you checked out the hyperlinks -- thanks!

I love the concept of the sculptures; modern and at the same time, nostalgically captivating. They certainly were done by a true artist, and a visionary. Thank you for the great blog post about this.

... as they say, "It's I who thanks you"! Yvonne

Thank you for your exciting review of the Caro show. You make these oddly assorted pieces of metal come to life, and the rooftop experience peak. I can't wait to go!

I hope you have a peak experience when you go there -- hey, you never know...!

Looking forward to Caro's three-block long sculpture planned for Park Avenue. And this summer his sculptures at the Met roof garden is the perfect location for a rendezvous!

... hmmm ... I dunno ... seemed like a lot of people up there ...!

An art exhibit on the rooftop. That's so radical!

Caro said he had wanted to display MORE sculptures in the exhibit but the Met said the roof might not hold the weight!

Wow! I'd love to see all these pieces up close. And what better way to showcase them than in rooftops? This is certainly one of the best exhibits I've ever heard of.

It'll be fun to see what exhibit they have on the roof this coming summer ... we should be hearing about it fairly soon. And thanks for writing in ... Yvonne

How did they protect those artworks from the weather? Hm, did they put up a tent on the rooftop? Anyway, this must be a huge and fun event for those who like seeing contemporary works of art. It’s a good thing the display area was spacious too. I mean, by the looks of those photos, I can tell that the rooftop is wide. I’m sure there was ample space for visitors back then to fully enjoy the beauty of these artworks.

No tents, but they select works that are on the durable side like these massive steel often enameled sculptures. The year before, it was a big interlocking bamboo stucture and bamboo is fairly impervious to rain. Still, none of this would last forever open to the elements ... I was out of town for the critic's opening of this year's rooftop exxhibition but I'm going to visit it shortly and will write about it.
And yes, as you say, the openness and breadth of the rooftop is really a wonderful place to see sculpture.

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